About Us

BishopSound are a leading British designer and manufacturer of pro-audio equipment, based in Yorkshire, England.

A British Sound Legacy

Yorkshire is the birthplace of some of the most respected British speaker manufacturers in history. Proud to carry on this legacy, BishopSound design, manufacture and supply speakers worldwide from the North of England. We design and manufacture professional audio equipment for sound reinforcement. Our range of passive and active PA speakers are highly sought after. Our subwoofers are punchy and tight and our line arrays deliver the unique and refreshingly crystal clear and precise British sound that is celebrated at public performances across the globe.

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What Is British Sound?

"A generation of British bands in the 60's developed a distinctive sound derived from the amplification and loudspeakers used. Today, this 'British sound' Is defined as a warm, rich and inviting sound which is easy on the ear." BishopSound is the essence of British sound. Our speakers reproduce precisely what the originator intended, every frequency with a full range flat response.”

The Evolution of British Sound


The Birth Of British Sound

During the 1960s a generation of British bands swept the world's music charts, taking with them not just their music, but also a very distinctive 'British Sound' derived from the amplification and loudspeakers they used. It wasn't just in the world of guitar amplification that this distinctive tonal quality gained respect but also in Hi-Fi, recording studio mixing consoles, loudspeakers and PA systems.

1959 - 2009

Carlsbro Electronics

In 1959, Carlsbro Electronics was founded by Stuart Mercer, and quickly became one of the leading companies at the forefront for the supply of British Sound equipment. Carlsbro was later acquired by Andrew Bishop in 2001, where Andrew continued to fly the flag for the iconic British Sound and drove the company to even greater international success until it changed hands in 2009.


BishopSound was Founder

Fast forward to 2016 and demand for 'the British Sound' had not diminished, however there were few manufacturers left who understood what it was or were able to offer it. To cater for this demand, BishopSound was founded by Andrew in 2016.



BishopSound designs and makes pro audio equipment that continues to celebrates the unique warmth and highly musical sound of British Sound - something that was previously missing from the pro-audio market.

Why Buy BishopSound

Engineering & Design Excellence

We are driven by excellence in sound engineering. Our products are designed by an expert team of engineers with over 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing pro audio solutions for industry professionals all around the world.

The Cream Of Worldwide Distributors

Our global network of high quality professional distributors pride themselves on 5 star customer service, listening closely to customers’ needs in order to provide an unparalleled customer experience in sound reinforcement installations, Pro- audio and live events industry.

Highest Quality Components

We source the highest quality 18mm 13 ply and 15 mm 11 ply air-pocket free BB Grade Birch plywood from sustainable woodland mainly from Scandinavia, Latvia and Canada and never Russia! Every part used from the most environmentally friendly adhesives to the PU paint is carefully selected by a team of expert British engineers. Wherever possible without compromising sound quality we strive to use recycled materials making BishopSound speakers the No1 ethical choice for installation or touring.

Trusted Across The Globe

Why BishopSound? We only supply professional organisations across the globe, with our British made sound reinforcement equipment. Andrew Bishop travels extensively to every marketplace in every country building relationships that last a lifetime. BishopSound understands the importance of quality, consistency, honesty and reliability. Andrew flies the flag globally for British values, morals and scruples. A rare thing in a world where other major brands from outside Britain use people resulting in broken promises.

Revolutionary New Designs

BishopSound are investing heavily in new transducer technology working with partners for over 20 years and deploying the latest materials and techniques we are delivering a sweeter sound, greater sound pressure levels from compact enclosures. BishopSound works closely with universities and other centres of excellence across Britain in the quest to reproduce perfection in sound reinforcement.

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